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The Huguenot Cross

The All Saints Church logo is the Huguenot Cross. The Huguenots were persecuted Reformed believers in France during the Reformation and the centuries to follow. These brothers and sisters in Christ were often referred to as "The Church in the Desert."


 In adopting this logo, we eagerly embrace our  Reformed heritage and the urgency of the mission to be a church in the desert of Southwest Utah.

The Huguenot Cross is rich with symbolism:

  • The four petals of the cross represent the four Gospels.

  • The eight circles at the points of each cross represent the Beatitudes.

  • The 12 points of the four fleur-de-lis represent the 12 disciples.

  • Between each of the petals of the cross is the shape of a heart.

  • Finally, the dove represents the Spirit-filled church living under the cross.

White Huguenot Cross.png

For Christ and His Kingdom

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All Saints Church is a congregation in the Presbyterian Church in America.

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