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Our Team


Hector and Jill Sanchez:
Hector and Jill have been married seven years. Hector is a native of Colombia and works as a logistics coordinator. Jill is from Lansing, IL and works in graphic design as a senior designer. Hector is an ordained deacon.  

Tanner and Allison Gazdziak:
Tanner and Allison have been married eight years. They have three children, Hunter, June, and Evelyn. Tanner is from Oak Forest, IL and works as a carpenter. Allison is from Janesville, WI and stays at home with the kids. Tanner is an ordained deacon.

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Pastor Ben and Melanie Kappers:
Pastor Ben and Melanie have been married for 15 years and have six children: Caleb, Grace, Anna, Andrew, Luke, and Elizabeth.
Melanie plays the piano and organ and stays home with the kids.  

Scott and Terese DeBoer
Scott and Terese have been married for eight years.  They have three children Jacob, Maverick, and Calvin. Scott works for the Veterans Benefits Administration and Terese is a stay-at-home mom, homeschooling their children. Scott is an ordained deacon. 

For Christ and His Kingdom

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All Saints Church is a congregation in the Presbyterian Church in America.

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